Notes for your thoughts, tasks and meetings

All your notes in one place

Low maintenance day planner for better focus, less overwhelm, and more deep work.

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Capture all your thoughts

Smarty’s powerful hotkey and console allow you to capture any idea and thought but also to create tasks or events without leaving what you are doing.

Notes for every occasion

Organize your information, both personal and professional. You can use pages to plan your next vacation but also to track a project in your company.

Powerful meeting notes

Define and share an agenda ahead of time, take meeting notes, create follow-ups, record real-time transcripts, and have Smarty automatically create summaries and action items.

Consolidate your work

Smarty is a modern, all-in-one hub for efficiently sharing agendas, taking minutes, saving ideas and goals, and accessing related meetings and projects.

Actionable References

Smarty allows you to create full-fledged tasks in your notes but also to plan them inline through natural language. Reference any other task, event, person, day, page or tag in order to create links between objects, effectively creating a knowledge graph.

Tasks, Dates, Meetings and more

Achieve your goals with a research-backed productivity system. Do what you do best, and let Smarty do the rest.

Know exactly what to do next

If it’s not on your calendar, then it’s not getting done. Smarty automatically prioritizes and schedules your tasks by deadline and importance.

Your preference automatically applied

See all the important meeting details in one place, including insights about meeting participants and any related action items with participants.

Brain dump, and let us do the rest

Brain dumping has proven benefits: reduce anxiety, improve memory, & increase creativity.

Stay on track

It’s not enough to write your tasks down. Timebox when you’re going to do it. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Work smarter

Focus on the stuff only you can do by leveraging automation shortcuts like automatic re-prioritization and custom “if this, then that” workflows.


In one unified view, harness the power of your calendar AND tasks to superpower your productivity. Don’t worry about forgetting what’s on your plate.

Find time that works for everyone

Sending booking links is impersonal. Typing out slots is tedious. Polling groups is impossible. Smarty’s tools give you the best of all worlds so you can delight invitees with easy scheduling.


Create subpages and arrange your pages hierarchically in order to organize the information the way you want it. Smarty’s projects also allow you to easily find all the objects using your tag.

Coordinate mutual availability

Uncomplicate scheduling with your internal team and external clients. Smarty will auto-calculate mutual availability across everyone’s calendars.

Search Dates, Contacts, Notes etc.

Explore your data through powerful queries to find any of your notes, tasks, events, contacts, pages, and more.


Whether adding tasks or navigating your calendar, Smarty is built to delight. It’s never been easier to priortize, schedule, snooze, and flow through your to-do list.


Smarty automates entire workflows, sending everything from reminder emails to thank you notes. Let AI and automation empower you to focus only on the challenging and the meaningful.

Trackable follow-ups in one click

Create action items in your notes in the form of checkboxes that you can easily plan: schedule, postpone, block time etc.

All your meetings & notes together

Define and share an agenda ahead of time, take meeting notes and defineaction items to make every meeting worthwhile.