See how Smarty Compares to Calendly

Smarty is a great Calendly alternative that is built specifically for busy executives. Accomplish everything Calendly can plus a whole lot more:


Shareable Booking Links

Custom Availability

Meeting Polls

Conferencing Integrations

Privacy Controls

Automated Reminders & Follow-ups

Free Unlimited Calendar Connections

Free Unlimited Event Types

Integrated Task & Project Management


Easy Timezone Management

Quick Commands

Messaging Templates

Timezones Simplified

Add & remove timezones in the blink of an eye to easily schedule meetings with people living anywhere in the world.

Unlimited Scheduling Links for Free

Get access to 1-click text snippets, contact research, tasks/notes, automated workflows, and more! Smarty is more than just scheduling - it’s the ultimate productivity assistant.

Quick Commands

Stop wasting time switching tabs or browsing through pages searching for what you need. With Smarty’s quick search, just type the name of your scheduling link or or the date and Smarty will show you what you’re looking for.

Unlike Calendly, Smarty can auto-generate a new scheduling link in real-time.

1-Click Ready-To-Send Events

Create an event for any received timeslot with 1-click! Details like the title, guests, etc. are filled in so you can just approve & send. This is a great alternative to Calendly as you currently can’t do this with Calendly

Store & Access Quick Links

Smarty stores your scheduling & meeting links (for Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, etc) for easy access so you don’t have to open up other websites just to find them.

Multiple calendars

Connect all your calendars - there are no limits with Smarty compared to a free Calendly account.

Tailored scheduling links

Sending booking links is impersonal. Typing out slots is tedious. Polling groups is impossible. Smarty’s tools give you the best of all worlds so you can delight invitees with easy scheduling.

Streamline next steps

Focus on the stuff only you can do by leveraging automation shortcuts like automatic re-prioritization and custom “if this, then that” workflows.

Coordinate mutual availability

Uncomplicate scheduling with your internal team and external clients. Smarty will auto-calculate mutual availability across everyone’s calendars.

Automated Workflows

Smarty automates entire workflows, sending everything from reminder emails to thank you notes. Let AI and automation empower you to focus only on the challenging and the meaningful.

Looking for a Calendly alternative? Try Smarty so you can get work done in seconds anywhere you work online.

One-click booking to make scheduling as fast and as seamless as possible

Let smarty know your favorite meeting conferencing links and your preferred working hours so you have the best personalized experience.

Time anywhere you work online: with 1-click ready-to-send events, quick search free times, and so much more.


If you are looking for a free Calendly alternative, Smarty offers a free plan forever, including all the features above!

connects executives with an AI assistant

Focus on what you do best. Streamline your workflow.

In addition to having better scheduling features than Calendly, Smarty connects busy executives with an AI assistant so you can delegate your busywork, save time and stay focused.h

Automated Workflows

Smarty shows you your availability at a glance, converts time zones, and creates scheduling links in real-time instantly.

1 click and you’re done

Smarty handles every type of scheduling. Create a ready-to-send event with 1-click, all relevant details filled out.

Personalized Recommendations

Smarty learns from your preferred working hours and past scheduling behavior to provide quick options.