With Smarty, context switching is a thing of the past.

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Consolidate your work

Smarty keeps your schedule up-to-date automatically by communicating with your app integrations, allowing you to stay focused and avoid distractions.

Google Calendar

Connect all your personal and professional calendars to Smarty.

Google Contacts

Manage, update, and enrich your contacts with social insights and affiliated tasks or notes

Google Workspace Directory

Import contacts form you company and get all the benefits of Smarty’s CRM features.


Convert emails to tasks with Gmail integration


Smartly organize daily comms with Slack integration and task creation

Chrome Extension

Access Smarty anywhere online with the Chrome extension.

Clear your head with Smarty

Less overwhelm with incoming tasks and meetings. Sign up and receive an invite to our research-backed productivity system.

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Popular ways to use Smarty workflows

Access Smarty anywhere online with the Chrome Extension

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Connect Slack notifications for new Smarty task

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Connect multiple calendars & accounts

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to use the Smarty scheduling app? Chrome (to use search) GSuite (to use everything elseIf you want to use Smarty with a different email client or if you want to use Smarty in another browser, then please email us at

Smarty is a free Chrome scheduling and productivity extension 🙂

Smarty is for anyone who wants to make every minute count. Schedule meetings easier, reply faster, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks with your own AI personal assistant.

Our free scheduling software currently works in Gmail. Support for Microsoft Office365 (Online), Superhuman, Outlook Desktop and other platforms will be available in the near future. Let us know at if you want to use Smarty scheduling with a different email client today.

Smarty is optimized for Chrome. Support for all chromium browsers (including Brave, Opera and Microsoft Edge) and other browsers is coming soon. Let us know at if you want to use Smarty with a different browser today.

You can use Smarty with anyone. Smarty will soon be able to make better predictions and check for mutual availability before you schedule a meeting, if the other person has Smarty as well. Let us know at if you want to use Smarty with your teammates and other Smarty users today.

Data security is a core tenet of Smarty’s design. Smarty only collects basic identification information and only stores the meeting links, text snippets or notes you created on Smarty in our database.

  • We are not in the business of aggregating or selling data.

  • We use industry-standard OAuth 2 protocol for authentication.

  • We do NOT ever view or keep a copy of your documents on our servers. Documents or files never pass through Smarty servers.

  • Smarty fetches any app information or documents directly from the Chrome API and serves the results to you locally. We never see the contents of any documents you search and find through Smarty.

We spend a lot of time making sure your data is safe, secure and private. We also make sure to collect as little information as possible in order to provide you maximal productivity benefits!

We use a small handful of industry standard analytics services – Fullstory – to ensure that Smarty is operating as expected. Primarily, we send data about any bugs, crashes, or error logs that may have happened in Smarty.

Please contact Denzil Eden at

Let us know at or leave a comment below.