How I Work: Haily Marzullo, Founder of Humankind

Haily Marzullo is the founder of Humankind, a gender-inclusive apparel brand. She also previously consulted for brands like Kylie Cosmetics and Buck Mason.

Published on
25 May

What mental models do you rely on to help prioritize and boost productivity?

I prioritize things based on urgency and time. A lot of what I work on is super time sensitive, so my priority is usually focused on the things needed asap.

How do you achieve a state of mental flow or deep-work?

On the weekends when I don't have calls or slack dings.

How do you structure your day to set yourself up for success?

I am working on prioritizing my mornings and holding them for myself. It's a WIP. For now the success of my morning is actually achieved the night prior when I prep for my day ahead, schedule emails or slacks to hit in the morning.

What’s the biggest obstacle to your productivity on a day-to-day basis?

Slack. It's annoying and hard to just get quiet focused time.

What are the tools or resources in your productivity stack that moved your business forward in the past year? What impact did those tools have?

Notion has actually been a great tool for me to plan things out and organize my thoughts.

What causes you to procrastinate? How do you push past this?

Big projects that don't drive immediate ROI tend to get put to the bottom of my list. I try to focus on low immediate ROI projects on the weekends.

How do you create balance between work and personal life in a remote environment?

When your work is something you love and is your passion, it almost hurts to not check-in on a daily basis. You know the feeling of knocking out a few hours of work on Saturday that just eases your stress for the rest of the weekend. There's something to say about that.

What challenges set you back from managing stress?

Expectations. Time. Responsibilities.

What hobbies or activities outside of work keep you inspired and energized?

Cooking is a big part of my daily life and inspires me. It taps my creativity and allows me to be a bit more free.

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