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  • Manually share times

  • Or create a personal link

  • Or poll a group on the best time to meet.

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Click on “Share my availability” to start scheduling. Open the extension to try it yourself right now.

Got it!

There are three types of scheduling links

Smarty handles every type of scheduling, whether you want to share new time slots or an existing event link. 
When dealing with multiple people, you can add shared calendars or even poll a larger group when to meet.

Share times (as a link or text)

Use your working hours to auto-generate your free time slots or drag and drop to select times. 
Add your co-workers and Smarty will only show your mutual availability. 
You have all the power!

Create a personal link

Want to share all of your availability or need to set up a link to provide the same meeting times week-to-week (e.g., office hours)? Create an event link! You can still add your teammates too!

Finding a mutual time made easy!

Gather groups of 3+ people, either on specific dates or repeating days of the week by sending a poll. Once everyone has voted, one-click and an invite will be sent.

Smarty parses emails

Breeze through email without having to deal with those tedious tasks, like timezone conversions or checking your calendar. One click and you're done!

Respond at Lightspeed

Use your pre-written snippets to do one click replies. Look up recent documents and articles while you write emails. Quickly paste in your personal scheduling links. Work faster than ever before with Smarty!