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Your Productivity Sidekick

Schedule anything, automate everything, use natural language & do it all in one tool. Smarty is the #1 productivity tool to simplify, streamline, and scale yourself and your business.

It’s your time - make the most of it with Smarty.

A few of our favorite time-saving features:

Your All-In-One Tool

Find old files, paste new ones, and switch apps easily with Smarty’s search commands. With Smarty, you can type out commands to schedule events, paste files, and more. Stop switching between apps and get everything done in Smarty!

Automate Everything

No need to write code to create sequences. Your Smarty knows what you'd do next and helps you automate those follow-up steps. Keyboard shortcuts help you move even faster. You streamlined, scaled and sped up!

Schedule Easier

Smarty handles every type of scheduling - whether it's with a teammate, a client, or a group of folks. And with its AI skills, there are no timezones to convert or calendars to check. Smarty makes anything possible with just a click or two.

Search Everything

Search your files, discover new prospects, and gather information instantly. Learn everything you need to know (without wasting time switching between apps). Finally, the right information at the right time. Your wish is your command.

Respond Faster

Reply right away with pre-existing Smarty templates. Or create your own snippets and stop rewriting the same URLs, responses, etc. The new you is always on point & always on time!

Let Bot You Do It Instead

No credit card required

Don’t keep people waiting – Smarty responds and schedules meetings, so you don’t have to.

Avoid the hassle of re-typing the same information or figuring out the right words to say. Use Smarty templates instead.

Smarty does all the backend work for you, providing contextualized searches for growth.

Existing contacts, potential prospects, and key information – right at your fingertips.

For maximum swiftness and efficiency, Smarty handles the automation of workflow steps.

The longer you work with Smarty, the more it learns your preferences and requirements.

Smarty does all the backend work for you, providing contextualized searches for growth.

Enjoy a personalized, automated experience. Keyboard shortcuts help you move even faster.

For maximum swiftness and efficiency, Smarty handles the automation of workflow steps.

Smarty covers your day-to-day tasks, allowing you more brain space to focus and think.

You often wear different hats. With Smarty, each hat can be swapped with ease!

Free Forever

Meet Smarty - Your Digital Executive Assistant

Quick Commands

Smarty works with you, for you. Never double book or miss a meeting. Whether it’s work or life, Smarty schedules everything with one command.

Accessible Automation

Smarty will automate your manual processes and admin tasks so you can focus your time on the work that only you can do.

Personalized To You

Smarty auto-learns from every interaction. That’s how it makes stronger and more personalized recommendations the next time

Smarty works for free, handles your repetitive tasks, and never takes a coffee break.

Quick Search

Stop browsing through tabs and just type & search for what you need.

1-Click Ready-To-Send Events

Create an event for any received timeslot with 1-click!

Predictive AI

Smarty detects meeting/event times and converts them to your timezone

Personalized  Automation

Browse through pages searching for what you need.

Store Access

Smarty stores your scheduling & meeting links (for Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, etc)

Workflow Streamlined

Get access to 1-click text snippets, contact research, notes ,and more!

Unlimited Scheduling Links

Smarty’s already got the answer before you even ask

Unlimited Calendar Connections

Connect all your calendars - there are no limits with Smarty

Best Pricing

Smarty offers a free plan forever!

Users love growing with Smarty!

Love that it not only handles scheduling - you can also save notes and send emails

Navi Kang

Still learning how to use all it's functionality but it's an amazing tool! My new favourite productivity app!

Miriam Thorne

Really great extension, makes scheduling a breeze

Dan Cucolea

It pushes the productivity to a whole new level with the scheduling tool.

Leonardo Amaral Costa

The extension now is already very smart and helpful and getting better every day!

Dora Qian